A Delegation Will Go to Turkmenistan to Resolve Problems of the Afghan Traders

Liquid gas traders complained that they would be treated in a dual conduct in ports of the country, and from a month ago, their liquid gas tankers in ports of the country were stopped due to low quality gas, which incurred great losses to them.

They stated that the Afghan traders bought gas from Turkmenistan, and the company sold the low-quality gas to them; now, the Afghan officials should pave the way for sending them back to the company but they won’t permit to enter the country and not to send them back. Traders asked for the problems to be resolved through legal channels.

After listening to problems of traders, the Chief Executive said that any dual conduct toward businessmen would not be acceptable and, after comprehensive reviews, this issue would be dealt with. The Chief Executive directed the relevant entities to send a delegation to Turkmenistan at the earliest possible time to address and resolve problems of businessmen.

Dr. Abdullah said that the losses of businessmen and investors directly affected people's lives.