Four Memoranda of Understanding Are Signed in order to Address the Situation of Refugees and Displaced People

Cooperation agreements between the Ministry of Refugees and Returnees and Ministries of Education, Labor and Social Affairs, Public Health and Urban Planning and Housing were signed with the presence of Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Afghan government at the Sepidar Palace.

The relevant ministries cooperate with the Ministry of Refugees and Returnees on implementation of policy and operational plan for returnees and internally displaced people (IDP).

In these agreements, responsibilities and duties of the Ministries for addressing the demands of IDP and refugees have been identified.

The Ministry of Urban Planning would cooperate with the Ministry of Refugees and Returnees in order for returnees and IDPs to have access to land and housing, basic services, livelihood opportunities and employment in accountable and transparent manner.

The Ministry of Education provides Returnees and internally displaced people (IDP) with education.

The Ministry of Public Health is committed to providing emergency aid and basic services to IDP and returnees.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs works with the Ministry of Refugees and Returnees to create livelihood and employment opportunities, to facilitate regular and safe migration and to share information.

Dr. Abdullah, while stressing on importance of implementing provisions of these memoranda of understanding, directed the relevant ministries to prioritize implementation of these agreements.