The Chief Executive: UNESCO Promises to Seriously Cooperate with Culture and Art Sector of the Country

The meeting of Culture and Art Committee of the Council of Ministers of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was chaired by Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the National Unity Government.

First, the Chief Executive said: "During our recent visit to Paris, we met with the head of UNESCO and discussed its activities in Afghanistan in details.”

Dr. Abdullah stated that the head of UNESCO promised to work more closely with culture and art sector for its development.

The plan for digitalization of public library and revival of Kabul Nandari and Herat theaters were discussed at the meeting of Culture and Art Committee. The Chief Executive directed a panel of relevant agencies to provide the ground for digitalization of the public library.

Based on the Ministry of Communications and public library's plan, digitalization of the public library would provide access with the books for university professors, students and book lovers around the country, and even the region and the world.

In the end, officials of the Ministry of Information and Culture thanked the Chief Executive for his support as well as members of the committee for their attempt to revive Nandari and Herat theaters.