We Are Ready to Cooperate with Afghanistan for Ensuring Peace and Security

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi in his office at the Sepidar Palace.

The Chief Executive welcomed holding a trilateral meeting between the Foreign Ministers of China, Pakistan and Afghanistan, calling it a step towards peace and stability in the region. The Chief Executive thanked Pakistani Foreign Minister and the new government for helping achieve peace, and expressed hope that Pakistan, based on the right of neighborliness and common interests of the two countries and the region and the world, would cooperate with Afghanistan to ensure peace and stability.

The Foreign Minister of Pakistan expressed gratitude to the Chief Executive, emphasizing on cultural-historical cooperation between the two countries, expressed his country’s willingness to ensure peace and stability in Afghanistan.

Mr. Qureshi added that there was a good opportunity for talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government, and his country supported this process. Mr. Qureshi also emphasized on regional and international consensus for achieving a lasting peace in Afghanistan. Mr. Qureshi also stated the situation in Afghanistan had changed, and Afghanistan had been witnessed fundamental developments in recent years. He continued that the solution was flexibility and interdependence, and this can only be achieved through direct negotiations.