Chief Executive chaired the High Commission for Combating Air Pollution at Sapedar Palace


Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah chaired the Air pollution control committee, consisting of high-ranking government officials, as the concerns raised with the winter approaching, at Sapedar Palace in Kabul.

The head of the National Environmental protection Agency briefed the committee on their plans and strategies for reducing air pollution and added that the agency's air pollution prevention five-year plan has been drafted and sent to the National Assembly and all other State departments.

He also mentioned that a great part of the air pollution is caused by vehicles, so technical inspection centers are needed to be set up to prevent vehicles with excessive smoke production from traveling.

The National Bureau of Environmental Protection representative added that sand production factories in Paghman district are causing movement of sand to other areas, which risks flooding the surrounding area and even the city of Kabul.

He also stated that the work is under way on the provision of Air Quality Monitoring Devices which will be purchased in the near future with sufficient funding. In addition, he added that part of the agency's plan was to reduce firewood combustion and to replace it with liquefied petroleum gas, which has been implemented up to 80% in Kabul.

“The Sand Production Factories has also been suspended by the police several times, but has been re-launched with public protests, suggesting an alternative in this regard”, the MOI said.

The representative of the Ministry of Transport also said that the responsibility for the vehicles has recently been given to the ministry of Transport and that the ministry has not yet finalized a plan to control the vehicles.

Meanwhile, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, expressed his appreciation to the National Environmental Protection Agency for calling on all ministries to nominate a representative to the agency for full cooperation.

Chief Executive Abdullah directed the Ministry of Interior to halt the activities of the Paghman district’s Sand Production facilities as soon as possible, as well as the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum to introduce alternatives to those permitted to operate, and that the Ministry of Transport should take action as soon as possible.

Chief Executive Abdullah directed the Ministry of Finance to work with the National Environmental Protection Agency to provide the necessary funding, and the Ministry of Agriculture to work with the Agency in developing a seedling procedure.