Chief Executive Meets US Senate Members: Transparent and Credible Election Guarantees Stability and Constancy in Afghanistan

Members of the US Senate: Success of Peace Talks Depends on Taliban Reducing Violence and Accepting Ceasefire

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah held a meeting met with Ms. Margaret Hassan and Mr. Chris Van Hollen, members of the US Senate, at his office in Sapedar Palace.

Chief Executive Abdullah welcomed the US Senators to Afghanistan and thanked them and United States for their cooperation. Ambassador John Bass was also present at the meeting.

The Senate members appreciated the people and government of Afghanistan while expressing their contentment of the progress made in the country. They stated that the positive changes in Afghanistan are the result of shared sacrifices by the Afghan and US army and people, and want to preserve these achievements.

US Senators called the election a step towards consolidating democracy and attributed the transparency and credibility of the process to the management of election commissions. Members of the US Senate stressed the importance of safeguarding the rights of women and the achievements of recent years in the country. Members of the US Senate continued to support peace efforts, but insisted that the peace efforts would only be succeeded if the Taliban reduce violence and accept the Ceasefire.

Chief Executive Abdullah provided a clear picture of the political and security situation in Afghanistan and called the election a step forward for peace and stability in the Afghanistan and the region. The chief executive added that there had been fraud and violations during the election, but the electoral commission had promised to handle the cases. He further emphasized that the government supports transparency, credibility and the principle of using bio-metrics in elections.

Chief Executive Abdullah called the peace a priority for the Afghan people and praised the efforts of the United States and international allies of Afghanistan to achieve genuine peace. He also added that real peace is achieved when the Taliban enter into direct negotiations with the Afghan government.

Chief Executive Abdullah called the national unity; political consensus, unity on peace efforts, security, fighting corruption, maintaining a balanced and active foreign policy, and addressing the real needs of the people priorities of his work and the government of Afghanistan.