Chief Executive: Make more effort to improve the business environment

Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah chaired the meeting of the Private Sector Development Executive Committee (PriSEC) and said that the committee should make further efforts to improve the situation of the private sector business environment.

The meeting was started by approving the session 44 of the Executive Committee of the Private Sector Development. Then, the committee presented a detailed report on how the decisions of the 41-44 meeting were implemented. The report stated that 60% of the previous decisions have been implemented and resulted in improvement of the business environment in private sector; private sector security cost reduction, completion of the work permit distribution plan, provision of policy implementation to the industrial parks, and tackling Carpets sector challenges.

The Chief Executive, appreciating the efforts of the members of the committee, directed that a Special meeting be held between the members of the leadership of the committee as soon as possible for the remaining decisions to be taken.

In another part of the meeting, discussions were held on the findings of public and private dialogue programs in Balkh, Herat and Kandahar provinces. It was decided to focus more on the special meeting of the committee's leadership to better identify priorities and implement them.

At the end, World Bank's report on “Indicators of Doing Business” was discussed and emphasized that Afghanistan has made good progress in the area of ​​trade indicators.