Chief Executive at the Meeting with High-Level U.S. Congressional Delegation: The future of election and democracy in Afghanistan depends on 2019 elections

Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah held a meeting with a high-level U.S. congressional delegation chaired by Senator Joni Ernst, attended by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Sen. Chile Morcapito, MPs Mike Turner; John Cortes, And Jason Smith, the US Ambassador to Afghanistan Mr. John Bass, and the Deputy Commander of Resolute support Forces at Sapedar Palace in Kabul.

The meeting focused on the fate of the presidential election, peace talks, regional cooperation, counter-terrorism, and bilateral relations between Afghanistan and the United States.

First, the Chief Executive welcomed the US Congress delegation to Afghanistan and thanked United States of America for its assistance and sacrifices for Afghanistan in the fight against terrorism and reconstruction. The chief executive also thanked the bipartisan and comprehensive support of the US Congress for Afghanistan.

Senator Joni Ernst appreciated the Afghan government's warm reception and welcomed the positive developments of the recent years in the country. She also praised the sacrifices of the US and the Afghan armed forces in the fight against terrorism.

The Chief Executive presented a clear picture of the situation in Afghanistan and described peace as one of the priorities of the Afghan people while welcoming and praising the efforts of the United States and its allies to bring about peace in the country. He stressed that all different Parties and progressions in Afghanistan are welcoming peace and efforts resulting in peace. The Chief Executive also voiced hope that the recent measures would pave the way for direct talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

Chief Executive Abdullah expressed hope that the election results would be announced by the authorities in accordance with the law and based on the clean votes of the people of Afghanistan. The Chief Executive iterated that fraud in the Afghan elections is being systematically used by those who have benefited from it and that this is no longer acceptable to the Afghan people. He also added that the 2019 election is about the fate and future of democracy and elections in Afghanistan.

In another part of his speech, Chief Executive Abdullah said that the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan had continued with the help of international forces and that Daesh/ISIS have suffered a severe defeat in eastern Afghanistan recently.

The Chief Executive emphasized the role of regional countries in establishing lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan and emphasized that every plan and effort resulting in regional peace should be taken into account.