U.S. Continues its presence and Assistance to Afghanistan


Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah met with General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of United States Department of Defense, at Sapedar Palace in Kabul.

Chief Executive Abdullah welcomed General Milley to Afghanistan and appreciated the assistance of the United States Army in training, equipping and assisting the Afghan Armed Forces.

The Chief Executive said the war is going on in Afghanistan, but the Taliban and terror groups were unable to reach their goals and programs because of the strength and capability of the country's armed forces and the strong support of the Resolute Forces. The Chief Executive added that the Taliban and ISIS/ Daesh suffered heavy casualties in various parts of Afghanistan.

The Chief Executive called peace a priority for the Afghan government and thanked the United States for its efforts to achieve peace. He emphasized the transparency of the election process, which guarantees the legitimacy of the country's future government, adding that it is now up to the country's independent electoral commissions to carry out their duties responsibly.

Honoring the sacrifices of the two countries' military in the fight against terror, General Mark Milley said: “sometimes in the media, there are talks that we might leave Afghanistan. I want to tell you that the US government and its military are committed to staying in Afghanistan, continuing to help, and combat the threats posed by terrorism, and we will continue to be with you for as long as needed”.

He said the United States supports peace efforts in Afghanistan and hopes that these efforts will contribute to achieving lasting peace and stability.

General Milley also expressed hope that the election in Afghanistan would lead to the formation of a legitimate government and that the parties would agree on to continue the political process.