Chief Executive: Government’s Effective Communication with the Private Sector Contributes to the Country's Economic Growth


Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah chaired the meeting of the Private Sector Development Executive Committee and said: “Increase private sector investment opportunities for better economic growth and job creation in the country."

The first working group reported on facilitating the implementation of Employment Contracts, enhancing transparency in the Tax System and raising awareness about the Insurance Services underscoring that 57 of the 69 resolutions made in previous meetings are implemented.

Referring to identifying priorities, the Chief Executive emphasized the accuracy and speed needed to implement these programs.

The second working group provided information on activities undertaken to control the quality of Export Goods and creating a healthy competitive environment in the private sector.

The third group also reported on identifying challenges resulted in abandoning work permits, strengthening the investor institutions, and developing action plans to support and encourage investors.

Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah added that people expect to see the impact of the activities carried out in practice, and that establishing effective communication between the private sector and government departments will increase people's confidence and satisfaction.

The fourth and fifth groups then discussed the need to develop more comprehensive and effective laws on private sector’s activities and functions for greater cohesion and harmonization.

The Chief Executive praised the activities of the Private Sector Development Executive Committee, adding that effective economic growth and job creation are expected to double in the coming year.