Relations between Iran and Afghanistan are based on shared values


Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met with Mr. Bahador Aminian, the new Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Afghanistan, at Sapedar Palace in Kabul.

The Chief Executive congratulated Mr. Aminian on his appointment as ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Afghanistan and wished him success in his new mission. He called Iran as close friend and strategic ally of Afghanistan and praised its cooperation with Afghanistan on various occasions.

Mr. Aminian also called Afghanistan a close friend of Iran and stressed that development and security in Afghanistan means development and security in Iran. Mr. Aminian also added that the two countries' relations are based on shared historical and cultural values ​​and ties. The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran expressed hope that he would take effective steps in developing and strengthening the relations between the two countries during his mission.

The two sides also discussed the Afghan presidential election, efforts to achieve peace, and bilateral relations between Iran and Afghanistan.