Chief Executive: Eliminating violence against women requires continuous efforts


Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah said in a closing statement that efforts to end violence against women should not be summed up in a matter of days and that the end of violence in the country requires sustained and continued efforts.

The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign was launched on the 25th November of this year with the initiative of the Ministry of Women's Affairs and the Office of the Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The program was aimed to raise awareness of the consequences of violence against women and to foster a vibrant presence of women in society.

The Chief Executive, while acknowledging the achievements of the campaign, added that the health of the community depends on women's wellbeing and that violence against women should be put an end to.

Chief Executive Abdullah said that violence against women is against Islamic and human morals and its perpetrators must be seriously prosecuted. He added that Almighty God and the beloved Prophet of Islam has emphasized the status of women, prohibited violence and condemned any fierce behavior.

Chief Executive Abdullah said there were shocking instances of violence against women, but as a result of efforts by various institutions and the cooperation of religious scholars, the numbers had declined sharply compared to the past.

The Chief Executive called on government, non-governmental organizations, the media, civil society organizations and religious scholars to campaign for activism against Gender-Based Violence, adding that for the sake of a better future and a healthy society, violence must be stopped.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Women's Affairs, Dilbar Nazari, praised Chief Executive Abdullah for launching the Campaign and addressing women's problems.

The Minister of Women's Affairs added that, in the last 16 days, the ministry has specifically discussed the elimination of violence with different groups of women and addressed their problems.

Minister Nazari said efforts are being made to raise awareness of the consequences of violence and that judicial bodies are expected to take serious action in dealing with cases of violence against women.

The Public Health Ministry is working on establishing support and awareness centers to investigate the cases of violence and spread awareness of the consequences of violence against women, said Deputy Minister of Public Health Ms. Diwa Samad.

Representatives of international organizations, meanwhile, expressed their appreciation for efforts to reduce violence against women and expressed their readiness to cooperate.

At the end of the ceremony, the Chief Executive commended the efforts of various foreign agencies, the Ministry of Women's Affairs and the Afghan civil society and media, and expressed hope that the rate of violence against women would decrease in the coming years.