Peace Is the Need and Aspiration of the Afghan People And We Support Peace Efforts


Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and the leadership of the Stability and Partnership Team met Saturday with Mr. Zalmaiy Khalilzad, the US Special Representative for Afghan Reconciliation, while U.S. Chargé d’Affaires Ross Wilson and General Scott Miller, The Commander of NATO's Resolute Support Mission were accompanying him at Sapedar Palace in Kabul.

Chief Executive Abdullah welcomed Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad to Afghanistan, praising the efforts of the United States and Mr. Khalilzad himself to achieve peace. He described peace as one of the main demands and needs of the Afghan government and people and expressed hope that the Taliban would embrace peace by compromising with the realities of society and seizing the opportunity to end the bloodshed as quickly as possible.

Chief Executive Abdullah emphasized that peace cannot be monopolized by a particular entity or group but, rather it is the collective desire of the people of Afghanistan and all political parties, civil society institutions, national figures, and women should be included in the dialogue and their views and demands are to be taken into account.

Ambassador Khalilzad thanked the Chief Executive and the Leadership of Stability and Partnership team for facilitating the joint meeting and briefed the participants on his efforts and negotiations with the Taliban to achieve peace in Doha, his recent trip to Brussels and talks with NATO members, and his trip to Islamabad and discussions with Pakistani officials.

Ambassador Khalilzad called the achievement of peace in Afghanistan as one of the major goals of the United States and said: “The United States of America is committed to the principle of reducing violence by defining and adopting a clear and acceptable mechanism for the United States, Government and the people of Afghanistan as a precondition for signing an agreement. Peace is with the Taliban and we are waiting for their response.”

Ambassador Khalilzad also emphasized that the Afghan negotiating body in peace talks with the Taliban should be inclusive and represent all sides in Afghanistan.

In the end, participants continued to discuss the latest developments in the country.