Chief Executive: The Economy of the Country Depends On the Results of Purposeful and Inclusive Work


Executive Committee for Private Sector Development (PriSEC) was held under the leadership of the Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah at Sapedar Palace in Kabul.

Initially, the Private Sector Executive Committee Secretariat reported on the completion of the second phase of the 5/50 plan. The plan, developed in partnership with the World Bank, focuses on reducing private-sector taxation, providing the electricity needed for factories and developing regulations to prevent dumping.

Chief Executive Abdullah appreciated the activities carried out so far and directed that a detailed report on the activities and results of the work be prepared.

In addition, the Working Groups of the PriSEC Executive Committee presented separate reports on their recent activities and achievements.

Working groups further reported on the drafting of laws, determining key economic indicators for the private sector, reducing export and import problems, and establishing effective working relationships among the various departments. They also reported a lack of cooperation with a number of agencies and called for an investigation.

Chief Executive Abdullah criticized the sluggishness and negligence of government departments and tasked the Ministry of Economy and the Advisory to the Office of the Chief Executive to work to improve the coordination and communication of agencies.

The Chief Executive added that the negligence of an office disrupts the entire work and business process and this performance is unacceptable when the country needs economic growth and sustainable development.

The MoCI representative then shared the World Bank’s Indicators of Doing Business Report and the Secretariat of the Private Sector Executive Committee reported on the findings of the Public and Private Dialogue, launched in six provinces.

The World Bank representative expressed optimism about Afghanistan's progress in developing the private sector, adding that the continuation of this process is good news for Afghanistan.

Chief Executive Abdullah appreciated the cooperation of international institutions in the economic development of Afghanistan, saying that opportunities should be used effectively and that the economy of the country depends on the results of purposeful and inclusive work.