The introduction of Adib Fahim as the first deputy of the Afghan National Directorate of Security

"Adib Fahim belongs to the family of jihad and the mujahideen "

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, The Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan this morning said on the occasion of the introduction of Adib Fahim as first deputy head of the National Security of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

The ceremony started with recitation from the Holy Quran and Mr. Rahmatullah Nabil, the head of National Security welcomed Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and guests to the introduction ceremony and welcomed the appointment of Mr. A. Fahim as a step toward progress and improvement at the organization.

Mr. Nabil in his official speech showed recognition of the efforts of Gen. Hussam al-Din and announced NDS and his collaboration with Mr. A. Fahim.

The Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan at the ceremony thanked the head of Department and national security officials said; I am pleased to introduce today as the first deputy national security Mr. A. Fahim son of Marshal Fahim M. Qaseem founder of the current National Security Department and I wish him success.

The Chief Executive added: "Adib Fahim belongs to the family of jihad and the mujahedeen" and this is a heavy responsibility on his shoulders at these sensitive times but I am sure he is capable and will succeed. His appointment in this position is for the national interests of the country and I believe he will take it on with his best of ability. As far as my knowledge is concerned, he will work with at most integrity for his country and God willing he will take steps for reform of this institution and serve the system. Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said; we appreciate the efforts and sacrifices of the NS Forces and offered his complete support. Chief Executive: “ We remember the days that our people were afraid of the name NDS and now this institution is gaining more trust and support from its people in bringing peace to this country and we must appreciate it.

Adib Fahim in his short speech welcomed and thanked the Chief Executive for participation and introduction. He also extended the gratitude to Excellencies the President and Chief Executive for their trust in this high position. He said: I promise with regard to jihad and Islamic values and national interests and responsibilities do my duties with honesty and integrity at this sensitive institution.