Press Conference and Signing Two Agreements between Iran and Afghanistan

After the official talks, the Afghan delegation headed by Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Dr. Isaac Jahangiry First Vice President of the Islamic Republic of Iran met at Jomhoor Building in Sa’d- Abad Palace to sign two agreements on sports and development of cultural relations. These agreements were signed by Mr. Jannati, Iran’s Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance and Mr. Hekmat Khalil Karzai, Afghanistan's Political Deputy of Foreign Ministry, Iran’s Minister of Tourism and Mr. Abdul Bari Jahani, Afghanistan’s Minister of Information and Culture. According to the agreements, both sides cooperate in the area of joint training, expanding cultural exchanges and protection of ancient monuments and sports.

After the signing ceremony, Chief Executive participated in a joint press conference with Mr. Jahangiry, Iran’s First Vice President at Jomhoor Building in Sa’d- Abad Palace in the presence of both countries’ media.

At this conference, Mr. Jahangiry thanked the Chief Executive and his accompanying delegation for their coming to Iran and stressed that the two countries have common historical and religious-cultural backgrounds and have a good and constructive relationship that can be used as a good model of neighborly relations in the region.

Continuing his remarks, Mr. Jahangiry added that in the meeting both sides discussed issues of economic and cultural cooperation, immigrant status and exchanged their views. In the economic and trade section, they discussed completion of Khaf-Herat railroad and using Chabhar port to facilitate transit for Afghan traders.

On security issues, Mr. Jahangiry added that Afghanistan’s security and stability is Iran’s security and stability and economic development can help establish stability in Afghanistan. Mr. Jahangiry in his remarks added that his country is ready to cooperate, as always, with Afghanistan in fight against terrorism, extremism, drug trafficking and security threats.

At the press conference, first Dr. Abdullah expressed his gratitude of the government and people of Iran for invitation and warm welcome and then added that Iran and Afghanistan, in addition to having common historical, cultural and religious background, enjoy good relations that can be cited as an example in the region.

The Chief Executive praised and appreciated Iran’s assistance and cooperation during the Jihad and Resistance of the Afghan people and the formation of the current government in the last fifteen years and added that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always accompanied Afghanistan on the infrastructure, health sector, technical sector, education, higher education, reconstruction, and economic and commercial relations. He stressed the importance of Iran’s assistance in the development and stabilization of Afghanistan.

The Chief Executive in his remarks stressed the joint cooperation, use of existing opportunities for regional cooperation, joint struggle against terrorism and peace and stability in the region.

At the meeting, the two sides announced that they have reached an agreement on strengthening economic cooperation especially through Chabahar port, providing education for Afghan refugees living in Iran, joint fight against terrorism and extremism, focusing on the completion of Iran-Afghan railway as soon as possible and promoting opportunities for joint cooperation in various areas.