The Chief Executive's Introductory Meeting with Britain’s New Ambassador in Afghanistan

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with Mr. Dominic Jermey, the new British Ambassador to Afghanistan today at the Sapidar Palace.

The Chief Executive congratulated Mr. Jermey on his appointment as Britain’s new ambassador in Afghanistan and expressed hope that his appointment helps the strengthening and development of relations between the two countries.

The Chief Executive described the relations between the two countries as good and thanked Britain for its assistance to Afghanistan in various areas.

Mr. Jermey, thanking the Chief Executive and the Afghan government and people, expressed hope that during his mission in Afghanistan, he will play an effective role in developing and strengthening relations between the two countries.

Mr. Jermey declared Britain’s support for the National Unity Government and assured once again that his country’s cooperation and assistance to Afghanistan will continue within the framework of the Resolute Support Mission as well as direct British assistance.

At this meeting, the latest political-security developments and reform of the electoral system were discussed. The Chief Executive reiterated the National Unity Government’s commitment to reforming the electoral system and said, “The next election will be held following the implementation of the proposed reforms by the Special Commission for Reform of the Electoral System, and under new management in the Electoral Commissions.”