The Chief Executive’s Statement on the Occasion of the Withdrawal of the Soviet Red Army

Today, February 15 (26 of Dalw or Aquarius) marks the anniversary of the Soviet Union Red Army withdrawal from Afghanistan. On this historic day, the Afghanistan’s Jihad came to fruition, our nation’s struggles and sacrifices paid off and the Soviet army, while carrying the flag of failure, left the territory of our country and returned to its own country with great shame.

The Afghan people’s Jihad which had begun with deep religious motive, territorial protection and rejection of foreign invasion, despite paying heavily treasure and resource, finally reached victory and not only shattered the power of the enemy troops, but it became a model and an example to the world and to many liberation movements in the region. Once again, this Afghan fortitude and courage, in the history of the twentieth century, led the Afghan nation, to be a pioneer and a medalist in defeating colonialism.

However, it should not be ignored that although the Soviet army left Afghanistan with failure, it left behind great destruction and misery and numerous conspiracies causing much trouble for the Mujaheddin. Now, after twenty-seven years of the Soviet’s, we have witnessed the formation of democracy and democratic governance in our country and thanks to the watchfulness of the people and wisdom of the political leadership, Afghanistan has got on the path of development and improvement in all areas of national life. Although we still witnesses occasional intrigue and wounds on the body of Afghanistan’s nation and terrorists still kill our people, there is no doubt that the people and the Afghan armed forces keep at nipping in the bud the enemies’ intrigues and protecting national borders with strength and courage; verily they will defeat terrorists and will purge our country from terrorism and extremist elements.

On this glorious day, we congratulate the glorious victory day of the Afghan nation over the Red Army, every Afghan and especially the Mujahedin and wish them strength in all areas of life, particularly in the area of democratic political system and solving security, economic and social problems! We wish enduring prosperity for our country and our people.