The Chief Executive’s Statement on the Occasion of the kabul Uprising on February 22nd, 1980

Today, February 22 (3th of Hoot/ pices) marks the thirty-sixth anniversary of the uprising of Kabul citizens against the communist regime and the Soviet Union invasion in Afghanistan, which started with slogans of Allah Akbar. Slogans, whose thunderous echo trembled and shook the pillars of the regime, and demonstrated the power of people’s beliefs and faith against the enemy’s modern military arsenal and weapons.

This passionate and heroic uprising started in the evening of February 22nd with slogan of Allah Akbar, and reached its peak on the following day. It was the angry reaction of the Afghan people against the Soviet army’s invasion and the crimes of the Soviet Union’s puppets in Kabul, a powerful blow to the credibility of the Soviet regime and a cause of deep fear among invaders.

On this historic day, all groups of people, especially the youth, women and students joined the ranks pressed together while their hands were joined together poured into the streets chanting liberation slogans. They targeted the heart of the communist regime, reached the armed forces and proudly raised the Afghan  flag over their shoulders! 

The Armed military of the communist regime, seeing its sovereignty at risk, used light and heavy weapons and targeted people’s chests and set off a wave of violence that 

killed hundreds of the young, men and women who had taken to the streets.

Although the enemies of the Afghan people on this day, choked the people’s cry of anger in the throat, with brutal bursts, the blood of martyrs on this day shook the foundation of Kremlin House and shattered the regime’s false pride and prestige, eternized the memory of this uprising, and made it an honorable and inspirational event in history and opened a new chapter in the Afghan Muslim and Mujahid’s nation.

The Chief Executive cherished the unforgettable memories of the bloody uprising on 22ndof February and commemorates memory of the martyrs of this historic uprising and stressed that he would spare no effort to achieve the goals and ideals of the martyrs and victims of the freedom and independence of Afghanistan.

May the memory of our heroic people's uprising remain cherished!