The Chief Executive’s Statement on the Occasion of the Heroic Uprising of People in Herat on 14th of March

March 14 (24th of Hoot, Pisces) coincides with the spontaneous uprising of Herat citizens on 24 Pisces , 1357 against the communist regime which gave a new dimension to the Jihad as one of the most heroic and revolutionary movements.

This heroic uprising that started in the morning of March 14th was a response to the crimes of communist regime against religion and national values. It demonstrated the will of the people and their ignited anger against the regime. It was a huge shock for the regime and it fired on men and women, old and young and killed thousands of defenseless civilians and left the streets of the city engorged in blood.

Although the military of the communist regime crushed the cry of the people, their voice of freedom surpassed the sad atmosphere of the city and further ignited the people’s uprising against the communist regime throughout the country.

Undoubtedly, people’s uprising on March 14 in Herat was one of the first public movements in Afghanistan that was merely motivated by religion and safeguarding the Islamic and national values ​​.

The Chief Executive considers this uprising in Herat as one of the important chapters in the history of struggles of the Afghan people and commemorates memory of the martyrs of this uprising.

The Chief Executive mentioned the current regime, existence of democracy and freedom as a result of the Afghan people’s sacrifice and the victims of Jihad, especially that of 14th of March 1979 and this sacrifice continues even after three decades of that uprising.

The Chief Executive said the government, in order to maintain the struggle of the Afghan nation, defend the goals of martyrs, sustain modern values, fundamental freedoms and achieve national dignity and prosperity, would spare no effort and would keep the memory of the martyrs, especially martyrs of 14th of March alive and will salute the spirit of those who lost their lives for freedom and independence of the country.

May the memory of our heroic people’s uprising remain cherished!