Statement of the Office of the Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in relation to Brussels’ Terrorist Attacks

With great regret and sorrow, terrorists, these enemies of humanity and mankind, once again caused the death of more than 30 persons and injury of another 250 with terrorist attacks at the Brussels airport.

The Office of the Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, condemning this criminal terrorist act in the strongest terms, offers condolences to the victims’ families and the Belgian people and government and prays for the soul of the perished and for the speedy recovery of the injured!

The Afghan nation and people, as a victim of continuous terrorist attacks, feel the repercussions of such attacks and their resultant material and spiritual harm more than any other nation and society, and in these difficult moments share the pain and sorrow of the Belgian nation and people as one of Afghanistan’s international friends and colleagues.

The terrorists’ savage attacks on Brussels airport once again exposes the terrorists’ inhuman face and their animosity towards humanity and human values, and demonstrates the extent and challenges of terrorist movements and attacks at the international level.

These latest terrorist attacks coming as part of a chain of terrorist attacks in various countries reiterate all over again the need for joint cooperation in the fight against terrorism and extremism at the international level.

In these very difficult moments, the people and government of Afghanistan, as the first line of war against terrorism and extremism, are with the people and government of Belgium and are ready to spare no effort in the prevention and defeat of terrorism in the region as well as in the world at large.

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah

Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan