Message of Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on "International Symposium about Amir Ali Sher Nawee"

Commemoration of historical and cultural personalities of a country, in fact, is to serve the past, present and future of that country, because history and progress of nations are formed based on the efforts and impact of these characters. Fortunately, our country in this sense is rich and we need to step up the building and addressing the contemporary use of our historical and cultural wealth.

Amir Ali Sher Nawaee was one of the glorious figures of Afghanistan and our common areas of our civilization who was born in the ancient city of Herat in 1441 A.D. He is considered one of the brightest stars of science, art and culture in general. As the learned scribe of the Timurid period, Prime Minister and advisor of  King Hussain Bāyeqarā, bilingual poet, mystic, social critic, translator, biographer, culture and art advocate and founder of charities in Afghanistan and the common areas of our civilization, he served people of his own time.

Amir Ali Sher Nawaee traveled to different cities to learn from the great scientists of his own time. In the reign of Sultan Mirza, he became the prime minister and did incomparable contributions. In spite of being busy and doing government work, he did not stop reading, writing and composing poetry and wrote in various fields. He turned to Sufism late in his life and became like Jami, a great poet. He was familiar with music and art and left famous parts of writing.

Amir Ali Sher Nawaee was one of the eminent Turkish and Persian poets and loved great poets of the region like Hafez, Saadi, Attar and Jami.

Commemoration of the person and status of Amir Ali Sher Nawaee and other academic-cultural figures of our country and of the common civilization region we are in, in fact is respect for the heritage of science, culture and civilization heritage of this geographical area. Holding scientific conferences about Amir Ali Sher Nawaee and other great figures provides our generation a familiarity with the works and views of these personages on one hand and background and impetus for new research about these characters on the other.

Conducting scientific meetings on academic - cultural personalities on one hand encourages research in this area and on the other hand it provides a good platform to celebrate the diversity and ethno-cultural pluralism in the country and in the common area of civilization.

At the current time, we believe that Afghanistan has now defeated terrorism, extremism and aggression, it needs more than any country in the region to look back to history and to get a real knowledge of the characters and their scientific achievements  and significant  role in creating scientific and artistic works.

The office of the Chief Executive sincerely thanks the organizers of this international conference about Amir Ali Sher Nawaee and hopes that today's conference would be useful for introducing Amir Ali Sher Nawaee’s character and academic standing of this historical-cultural figure of our country.