Eight of Sawr is the Day of Victory of Islamic Jihad in Afghanistan

April 27th (Eight of ​Sawr) marks the victory of the Islamic Jihad in Afghanistan. In this day, after fourteen years of Jihad against the Red Army and offering millions of martyrs, ​​the Mujahid people of Afghanistan eventually won the victory and our national flag was raised.

​The Islamic Jihad in Afghanistan was one of the most important political events which for the first time in the history of the nations’ struggle against oppression and occupation shattered the myth of the invincibility of a superpower armed to the teeth, ​and displayed the power of faith against the military arsenal and modern weapons.

Although Islamic Jihad in Afghanistan won the victory but ​in various ways our enemies did not let the ideals of Islamic Jihad and Mujahid people of Afghanistan be realized and  did not let our people enjoy the sweet taste of victory.


Intrigues and conspiracies have continued to recent times. Despite making deep wounds on the body of our people, our enemies could not break our nation’s will and block our way to defend freedom, independence and territorial integrity of our country.

Eight of ​Sawr is the symbol of a great honor for the Afghan people that will remain forever in the heart of history and will ​render values ​​of jihad and resistance eternal.

May this day be blessed to all Afghan freedom defenders. We will commemorate the memory of the martyrs, especially martyrs of jihad period, alive and will salute the spirit of those who lost their lives for freedom and independence of the country.


The Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan