The Chief Executive’s Message of Condolences on the Passing of General Sayyed Hassan Jagran

The death of General Sayyed Hassan Jagran, a prominent Jihadi commander and one of the initiators of armed struggle against the puppet of the former Soviet Union was tragic and poignant.

The late General Sayyed Hassan was one of the pillars of the Jihad against the communist regime and had a fundamental role in mobilizing and organizing the people and establishing defense and military fronts, especially in central regions of Afghanistan so that he could soon bring the central regions out of control of the communist regime.

He was a strong arm in the fronts of jihad, especially areas headed by Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud. The late General was a commander and a national hero who had a special place in the hearts of our Afghan people.

The late General S​ay​yed Hassan ha​d many military victories and his personality safeguarded the values ​​of Jihad and Resistance until the last breath of his life​; he did not spare any effort  for unity and prosperity of the country.

Loss of this pious Mujahid is an irreparable and painful event.

The Chief Executive expresses condolences on the passing of General Seyyed Hassan to his family as well as to the family of Jihad and Resistance and prays for his soul to God Almighty!


Dr. Abdullah Abdullah

Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan