The Chief Executive Meets with Head of Foreign Relations of the Communist Party of China

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan during his official visit to China, met with Sun Tao, Head of Foreign Relations of the Communist Party in Beijing.

Development of relations between Afghanistan and China, improving relations between political parties of the two countries and sharing experiences in relevant sectors were among the issues discussed at the meeting.

Dr. Abdullah, addressing the prominent member of China's ruling party, said, “Afghanistan and China have been together as partners and good neighbors during tens of years and now it is necessary for these relations to enter a new and better stage.”

The Chief Executive added that stability and development of Afghanistan are to the benefit of all and accordingly, regional countries should make efforts to ensure stability in Afghanistan. In addition, they should not make use of terrorism for achieving their foreign purposes.

The Chief Executive added that he would ask China to encourage Pakistan to fight against terrorism and not support the Taliban. In this case, not only stability in Afghanistan will be ensured but also fighting against Uighur combatants will be serious because they are directly supported by the Taliban.

Dr. Abdullah said that Afghanistan supports the policy of single China, and accordingly works with it.

According to the Chief Executive, expanding and enhancing relations and cooperation between political parties of the two countries, would lead the Communist Party of China to share its experiences in the areas of governance, economic growth and development with the Afghan political parties.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tao expressed hope that visit of the Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan would improve and strengthen relations between the two countries.

He added that his country appreciates having good relations with Afghanistan and intends to increase its cooperation in security, economic, transit, political and social areas with Afghanistan.

The senior official of Chinese Communist Party said his country is also involved with terrorism and hoped that the Afghan government supports China’s efforts in the fight against Uighur rebellious group and cooperate with them.

Mr. Tao added that the Chinese Communist Party is also in favor of providing and extending relations with the Afghan political parties and is ready to provide the appropriate backgrounds for training Afghan officials and members of political parties.

He stressed that they want Pakistan to not support and equip the Taliban and to make them ready to be present in the dialogue process.