The Chief Executive's Statement on the Inauguration of Salma Dam

Today is a good day for Afghanistan and a positive and effective step towards growth, development and progress.

Today, with the inauguration of the Afghan-India friendship dam (Salma Dam), the wish of the Afghan people after forty years was fulfilled.

I congratulate inauguration of the dam for all people of Afghanistan and people of India.

The construction work of the dam for the first time had been started by Sardar Mohammad Dawoud Khan a few decades ago, that today came to an end.

Salma Dam completion is an unprecedented and unparalleled move towards Afghanistan’s progress and development as well as a clear symbol of friendship between Afghanistan and India.

Afghanistan and India have historical relations and these relations have always been in line with friendship, goodwill and cooperation.

India has always worked for the development of Afghanistan and well-being of the Afghan people and our people appreciate and thank India for its cooperation.

Thus, explicitly, it can be said that each country that wants to make friendship with Afghanistan should model the Afghan-India friendship.

The Afghans will press everyone’s hand that extends his hand for friendship, provided that he is honest in his friendship like the friendship of people and the government of India.

The Afghans appreciate those who cooperate with them, while they won’t forget those who impose war against them and want to destroy their country.

Inauguration of Salma Dam showed that the National Unity Government considers it seriously, since it plays an important role in the growth and economic development of Afghanistan.

Despite challenges and security concerns in the country, the National Unity Government attempts to end unemployment and poverty in Afghanistan by preparing the ground for economic opportunities and implementation of infrastructure projects.

The National Unity Government stresses that as long as we try, we will win. Accordingly, in the near future, Afghanistan can accompany the convoy of development by strengthening and enhancing its relations with others in different areas.

Afghan-India friendship dam is one of the most important and most vital facilities located in Chisht-e-Sharif district of Herat.

Salma Dam is 20 km long and 7 km wide and has a storage capacity of 640 million cubic meters of water.

It can generate 42 MW of electricity and can irrigate 80 thousand hectares of land.

Building this dam indicates that Afghanistan’s waters can be controlled by the National Unity Government and the Afghans have the right to make use of these waters.

Once again, I congratulate the inauguration of Salma dam to all my people and thank India for providing such a suitable ground for opening the dam.


Dr. Abdullah Abdullah

Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan