Chief Executive at the World Day of Persons with Disabilities: Suggestions from people with disabilities will be taken seriously

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah participated at the International Day of the Blind (White cane) held at the Sapedar Palace. The ceremony was attended by government officials, scholars, members of civil society, representatives of the disabled, and Associations of Students with disabilities.

The Minister of State for Martyrs and Disabled, Laluddin Arioubi thanked the Chief Executive for his continued support to the martyrs and the disabled. He elucidated the Ministry's plans to address the needs and problems of the families of the martyrs and the disabled.

The Ministry of Martyrs and Disabled is committed to creating scientific and effective programs to improve the life condition of people with disabilities, especially the blind in various fields like education and training, Arioubi added.

Deputy Ministry of Public Health, Diva Samad, pointed out the causes of sightlessness and how this significant issue is being neglected. She then spoke about raising awareness campaigns.

Human Rights Commissioner Banafsheh Yaghoubi, while thanking the organizers of the program, spoke about the history of the "white cane" and the problems of people with disabilities. She then spoke about the work of the Human Rights Commission in this regard.

The head of Committee on litigation for People with Disabilities read a Resolution on the demands of people with disabilities. People with disabilities want facilities to be created in the economic, social, cultural and political sectors. The right to quality education, equality in educational opportunities, access to special education materials, establishment of special centers for the disabled, and the provision of internal and external scholarships were the main demands of the disabled.


Further, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, welcomed and commended the International Day of the Blind, saying that commemorating this day means that we are once again aware of our responsibilities to this important segment.

He then mentioned he would take notes and suggestions of people with disabilities and consider them seriously.

While show gratitude the institutions that have worked in this field, the Chief Executive emphasized that religious scholars, teachers, members of civil society, schools and the media should contribute to achieving the rights of the blind and raising awareness.

The chief executive pledged that the proposals of people with disabilities, especially the blind, be discussed and addressed at a meeting of the Council of Ministers in the near future.