Chief Executive: Youth education must be in line with the job market and the needs of the community

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah chaired the meeting of the Executive Committee on Youth and Employment in Sapedar Palace.

At the meeting, a representative of the Ministry of Economy introduced the Employment Project (EZ-KAR), which is funded by the World Bank and is intended to pave the employment ground for young people in 13 provinces.

The Ministries of Economy and Foreign Affairs, Independent Directorate of Local Governance, and Municipality are committed to work on distributing work permits and creating markets, grounding for small investors, distributing passports to Afghan immigrants and providing them with needed facilities.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) representative expressed concerns over the high population growth, the increase in poverty and the lack of proper health conditions for young people, and emphasized that Afghan youth are struggling with various problems.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister of Student Affairs of the Ministry of Higher Education said that the ministry had been undertaking a 'Curriculum Review Plan' for over a year, and 50% of the disciplines and subject areas have been revised and their content are tailored according to the job markets.

A representative from the Ministry of Higher Education added that work on the remaining fields of study is also underway and that there will soon be widespread changes in the country's education curriculum.

A State Department official said a Vocational Training Center in Germany has agreed to come to Afghanistan to train Afghan youth.

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah said that one of the main reasons for youth unemployment in the country is inefficiency and ineffectiveness of a number of fields of study, and that youth education must be in line with the labor market and community needs. He directed the relevant agencies to be serious and quick in the implementation of the programs.

The Chief Executive added that due to lack of fund, not all problems in the country can be addressed, so ministries must consider priorities in terms of budget spending.

The chief executive directed that the Provision of Professional Training be included in the agenda of the next meeting and that the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Labor, and Social Affairs take up the implementation plan at the same time.