Meeting of the Chief Executive with the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China Ding Shyjvn in Afghanistan

The Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with Mr. Ding Shyjvn Ambassador to the People's Republic of this afternoon in China in his office the Sapedar palace.
The Ambassador of the Republic of China reported on economic cooperation and trade exchanges between Afghanistan and the People’s Republic of China to the Chief Executive and asked the government to encourage the country's businessmen to trade with the Republic of China.

Ambassador of the People's Republic of China, referring to the recent agreement between the Governments of the Republic of China emphasized to expand trade relations and also informed of the good opportunities for the use of marble and saffron from Afghanistan in his country. China 's Ambassador to Afghanistan, made an official request for the Afghan business to participate in China at exhibitions to offer its products such as saffron marble .

The Chief Executive (CE) of Afghanistan Thanking the Ambassador for China’s Cooperation with Afghanistan and for the investment that will help strengthening the commercial relations between the two countries and added: Afghan-China Commercial relations are of special importance to Afghanistan and we are prepared to take further necessary steps for the investments and commercial dealings to become easier than before.
Chief Executive of Afghanistan showed appreciation for China’s interest in Afghan marble and saffron, added that the Afghan Unity Government is willing to make it possible for the Afghan Investors to participate in Chinese exhibitions.

The Ambassador of China also spoke about his countries efforts in bringing peace and stability to Afghanistan and said; His country will make use of their good relationships with Pakistan and other countries for bringing security and stability and is ready to help Afghanistan in all directions.