Meeting of the Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers (Feb 27, 2017)

The meeting of Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers was held under the chairmanship of the Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan at the Sepidar palace.

First, Abdul Satar Murad, Minister of Economy reported in details on sustainable development programs of agriculture as well as proposals and challenges in the area.

After listening to the report of the Minister of Economy, Dr. Abdullah directed all ministries to prepare their development projects and programs align with the Ministry of Economy.

Then, officials of the Ministry of Finance presented a report about closure book of solar year of 1395 and said that a training program on closure book was held for heads of all ministries and hopes that there have been no problems in preparing closure book of the following year.

The Chief Executive directed the Ministry of Finance to pursue the issue with all ministries one again until no questions and problems will be remained. The Chief Executive also directed all ministries to coordinate and cooperate with the Ministry of Finance in this regard to solve the problems.

In another part of the meeting, Ustad Mohammad Mohaqeq, second deputy to the Chief Executive reported on Saudi Arabia’s list of proposals and the meetings held in this regard.

After listening to the report, it was decided that ministries develop their proposals as soon as possible to be submitted to the officials of Saudi Arabia for funding.