Message from: Barak Obama

Dear Dr. Abdullah,

Congratulations on your recent appointment as Chief Executive Officer.  I commend you on forming a government of national unity with President Ghani-this is truly a historic time for Afghanistan. 

I know it was not easy for you to make the necessary compromise to reach this agreement, and I believe history will look well on you for your leadership and statesmanship in bringing this tumultuous political transition to a peaceful resolution in the national interest.

I look forward to receiving you and President Ghani here in the White House.  I also want to reiterate our commitment to support the national unity government agreement.  As part of that commitment, I am pleased that Secretary Kerry invited you to Camp David early next year to review progress with the unity government.

Once again, please accept my heartiest congratulations and best wishes.



His Excellency

Dr Abdullah Abdullah,

Chief Executive Officer

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Kabul