Message from: The Prime Minister of United Kingdom

Dear Dr. Abdullah,

It was great pleasure to see you last Friday and to discuss the challenges facing the Government of National Unity.

As I said to both you and President Ghani, we strongly support the   Unity Government and see no credible alternative.  So I was glad to hear from both you and Dr. Ghani, your determination to make this innovative partnership work.  I know from my own experience, over the last 4 and half years, that this sort of partnership only works if both parties devote sufficient energy and time to it.  I hope you will consider my suggestion that each of you should nominate a trusted individual to manage the relationship on your behalf.  In addition, I have asked Ambassador to work with you and your colleague to ensure that you have the resources to run a properly staffed office- this is clearly an urgent priority and I am keen to help.  Please do say if there are other ways in which the UK might be able to offer support.

I am very pleased that you accepted my invitation to come to London for the Conference on Afghanistan on 24-25 November.  We will organize a carefully tailored program, shaped by your own preferences, for this visit.

Congratulations again on your appointment and all the best for your program of Government.

Yours sincerely


David Cameron



His Excellency Dr Abdullah Abdullah