The Chief Executive: Do not allow any political, Partial and racial activities in your ranks (Mar 15, 2017)

The Chief Executive, at a joint conference of leadership of the Afghan security and defense forces and Resolute Support Forces, said, “ Afghan security forces, during this year, frustrated Taliban and terrorists’ plans for occupying some provinces of the country.”

At this conference which was held at the Ministry of National Defense, Dr. Abdullah said, “Afghanistan has spent a difficult year in terms of security; however, the enemies did not achieve any of their goals”.

The Chief Executive stressed that the leadership of the National Unity Government has clearly defined friends and foes. Everyone who takes a weapon and fights against the Afghan people and government and causes damages and loss is considered the enemy of the country.

He added, “Taliban and their outside supporters are responsible for any attacks, crimes and damages that take place in the country, because it is the Taliban who provides opportunity with other terrorist groups in Afghanistan.”

Addressing the security forces leadership, the Chief Executive said, “You are responsible only for observance of the Constitution, protecting national interests and supreme interests of the country; therefore, do not allow anyone to engage in political, partial and racial activity in ranks of the security forces.”

The Chief Executive stressed that security forces leadership of each province has the responsibility to share his views, programs and experiences with one another in the joint conferences, as this will strengthen the leadership capacity and sound management of the security forces.

The Chief Executive tasked the security authorities to make more efforts in the field of coordination, leading and good governance and put it on their priority programs.

At the end, Dr. Abdullah praised commitment and role of international supporters, especially the Resolute Support in terms of equipping and training the Afghan security forces and called it promising.

General Commander of Resolute Support Forces, Ministers of Defense, Interior, Deputy National Security and senior military commanders attended the meeting.