The Chief Executive: Effective Movements led by the Young People throughout the History (Mar 18, 2017)

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, at a meeting with members of Changing Generation Organization of Badakhshan province, said, “Effective movements have led and managed by the youth throughout the history.”

Members of Changing Generation Organization announced their full support of the National Unity Government, especially the Chief Executive and said the aim of this organization is coordination among the youth, strengthening their capacity and enhancing their participation in various fields.

According to them, this organization is trying to set up and manage political, cultural and social activities of the youth in a regular and consistent program.

They urged the Chief Executive that based on the principle of meritocracy, give priority to employment and scholarships to capable and qualified young people of Badakhshan and help them provide with employment opportunities.

Expressing satisfaction with firm determination of the youth of this organization, Dr. Abdullah said role of the youth’s movements and organizations in the history have been proved. According to him, many movements throughout the history have been done primarily by some motivated young men until they have changed fate of their nations and countries.

The Chief Executive said influence and role of the youth for a fundamental change in the society is undeniable; for this, the National Unity Government is trying to provide qualified young people with more opportunities.

The Chief Executive promised that he would support, according to the existing possibilities, from this organization's efforts and programs for Badakhshan youth development. In addition, the Chief Executive promised to help a few qualified youth of this organization provide with scholarships for undergraduate and master’s degree.