The Chief Executive in the Meeting with Members of Badakhshan Provincial Council (Mar 4, 2017)

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan today met with the head and members of the provincial council of Badakhshan and discussed on people’s problems of the province.

Members of the provincial council shared security problems of the province with the Chief Executive, and said local official present false reports on the status of Badakhshan. They urged the Chief Executive to help paid more attention to security of the province.

Representatives of Badakhshan gave information on conditions of displaced people due to war and natural disasters in the province and asked for attending them.

Head and members of the provincial council, considered implementation of Shorabak power project important and effective and said completion of this project could make people more optimistic about the future.

After listening to the statements of members of provincial council, Dr. Abdullah said their problems will be reviewed and serious decisions will be taken.

The Chief Executive noted that he would raise the problem of insecurity of Badakhshan at the National Security Council and actions will be taken for the province’s security.

Dr. Abdullah assured representatives of Badakhshan that the issue of Shorabak power project will be put on the agenda of the meeting of the Council of Ministers and the Cabinet in order for the necessary steps to be taken for the implementation.

The Chief Executive assured members of the provincial council that necessary reforms in civil and military institutions of Badakhshan will be brought and work will be done on how to manage institutions.

Dr. Abdullah said to address problems of Badakhshan displaced people, would direct Minister of State for Disaster Management to take the necessary steps.