The Chief Executive: Judiciary should not be subject to expediency and pressure (Mar 12, 2017)

The Chief Executive said the rule of law without an independent judiciary is impossible; therefore, no one has the right to interfere in the function of judicial entities.

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, speaking at seminar of the heads of city courts in Kabul, emphasized that the judiciary of the country must maintain its independence against intervenes and not be subject to any sorts of expediency and pressure.

According to him, based on religious sources and human experience, regime’s survival is dependent on the rule of law and justice; therefore, Afghanistan’s courts should not allow that culture of impunity and violation of judicial entities’ independence in the society become a common practice.

The Chief Executive stated that justice and law enforcement make people optimistic about the future and its violation will put regime's survival at serious risk because no regime can survive with oppression.

The Chief Executive added that justice is against oppression. When justice and law are not practiced, it means that injustice has been taken place and judiciary officials haven’t done their tasks properly. He said it is critical for the safety of the country that its people be optimistic about judiciary system.

Addressing judiciary officials, the Chief Executive said the country's legal and judicial entities have religious obligation to make judgments regardless of their personal interest and taste.

At the end, Dr. Abdullah said according to the Constitution and the principle of power division, the National Unity Government fully supports the judiciary and courts of the country.

He said, “Fundamental reforms in and standardization of judicial system need further efforts”.

In this seminar, Mohammad Sarwar Danesh, Second Vice President, Sayed Mohammad Yousuf Halim, chief justice and president of the Supreme Court, Farid Hamidi, Attorney General and Abdul Basir Anwar, Minister of Justice also spoke.

The seminar was held by the Supreme Court in which officials of judicial entities and the heads of provincial city courts attended.