The Chief Executive: Presence of Women will be Raised at Decision-Making Levels (Mar 08, 2017)

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, in celebration of International Women's Day stressed on strengthening gender units in government institutions and increasing women’s representation at decision-making levels.

The Chief Executive, in the event and in the presence of President and other senior government officials at presidential palace, referred to achievements in the struggle for women's rights and said, “The achievements are not perfect, but should not be overlooked either.”

The Chief Executive noted of a mother who recently lost her three sons and injured her fourth son for defense of the country and said, “Such women by educating such children are immortal; they are the real heroes.”

Dr. Abdullah emphasized on the National Unity Government’s commitment to provide the grounds for education and political participation of women in the society and said the leaders of the National Unity Government would support the national program for women's empowerment.

The Chief Executive explained the challenges ahead of women in the society, especially in government institutions and called creating a safe place for women and prevention of their harassment as one of the main factors of the authorities’ success.

Dr. Abdullah asked all Ministers to put an end to this situation and do not allow women to be victims of violence and discrimination in their departments.

The Chief Executive praised the efforts of Attorney General Office for addressing the cases of violence against women. He also thanked the international community for their cooperation with the government and people of Afghanistan in all areas, especially for protection of women.

Dr. Abdullah praised the program of Business Women’s Union for forming Women's Chamber of Commerce and said he would direct the Economic Committee of the Council of Ministers to cooperate with them in order to realize their program.

The Chief Executive, in another part of his speech, criticized the people who make division among ethnic groups by rising controversial and enmity issues which in turn help the enemies.

The Chief Executive, addressing those who consider war as a solution to achieve their objectives, said they are making mistakes because the Afghan people at different stages have proven that they did not surrender to any forces, and even the greatest powers of the world did not reach their demands and failed.

Dr. Abdullah noted that the rights of the Afghan people won’t be dealt with anything.

The Chief Executive once again pointed to women’s presence and their active role in difficult period of Jihad against the Soviet Union and then referred to their fight against terrorism and extremism and said the only way to get out of the current crisis is unity and it’s time that all of us work hand in hand and save themselves from this situation.

The National Unity Government this year widely celebrated International Women's Day.