The Chief Executive: Reform is Impossible without Transparency and Meritocracy (Mar 18, 2017)

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan today met with a number of educated young and medical professionals.

Participants of the meeting said legitimacy of political system depends on implementation of the political agreement of the National Unity Government in order to pave the way for a fundamental reform and good governance.

They urged the Chief Executive to pay special attention to anti-corruption in government agencies in order for professionals, qualified and capable young to be hired.

After listening to the participants’ views, the Chief Executive said fight against corruption is one of the priorities and commitments of the National Unity Government.

The Chief Executive added that the government needs qualified and expert youth to bring reform and deliver better services to its citizens.

Dr. Abdullah said that leadership of the National Unity Government considers the principle of transparency and meritocracy for hiring specialized young in the structure of the regime.

The Chief Executive promised that no effort would be spared to bringing reform and safe employment.