The Chief Executive: Response to Terrorist with Unity and Empathy (Mar 08, 2017)

The Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on the third death anniversary of Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim said national unity is the best response to crimes and horrors of terrorists.

Dr. Abdullah at the ceremony that was held in Loya Jirga Tent Hall with presence of thousands of people, prayed for the souls of the martyrs of Afghanistan and the late Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim and said after the martyrdom of the national hero Ahmad Shah Massoud, he led and managed trenches of Jihad and Resistance.

According to him, the role of Marshal Fahim in Afghanistan’s political history and its reconstruction has been striking from Jihad and Resistance period until the modern period but today our nation missed him.

The Chief Executive said, “Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim was one of the prominent political and Jihadi figures of the country who set plans and goals for the future of Afghanistan.

Condemning terrorist attack on Sardar Mohammad Dawud khan hospital, Dr. Abdullah said, “Such attacks cannot be justified in any religion. Terrorists create horror and crimes by misinterpretation and misuse of religion.”

The Chief Executive added supporters of terrorist groups built them safe houses to target the innocent people of Afghanistan. Therefore, there should not be slightest deviation or uncertainty for recognizing the enemy because they seek success in our division.

The Chief Executive in his speech once more emphasized on national unity and said in the current situation national unity is considered critical to defend the territorial integrity and safety of Afghanistan that requires social justice and combating discrimination and hypocrisy.

At the end, Dr. Abdullah said, “To meet the national supreme interests; all are responsible for strengthening unity among the Afghan people as well as among Mujahedeen with a correct understanding of security and political conditions of the country.”

At the third death anniversary of Marshal Mohammad Fahim, former first Vice President, senior government officials, political figures, Mujahedeen, Ulema and youth attended.