The Chief Executive: Strengthening and Capacity Building of the Youth is a Necessity (Mar 18, 2017)

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, at the meeting with some members of “Rah-e Haq wa Azadi” organization said, “Integrity and coordination among youth would pave the way for a change and innovation.”

At the meeting, members of “Rah-e Haq wa Azadi” organization shared their plans and proposals in the field of employment, recruiting professionals and competent youth in government departments with the Chief Executive.

According to them, today’s youth of Afghanistan have the necessary capacities and capabilities for reconstruction and modernization of the country, but they own limited opportunities. They urged the Chief Executive to help provide the youth with further opportunities in order to bring change and development.

Welcoming plans and programs of “Rah-e Haq wa Azadi” organization, Dr. Abdullah said that young people need to work coherently and purposefully for Afghanistan’s development and progress. According to him, collaborative and organized working is a necessity for the youth’s growth and dynamics.

The Chief Executive emphasized that the National Unity Government considers strengthening and capacity building of the youth a necessity. For this, the government, given the available resources, supports their plans and activities in various fields.