The Chief Executive: We will align Education with Qualified and Professional Teachers (Mar 18, 2017)

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, at a meeting with a number of residents of Faryab province, said to ensure future of young people, strengthening education system and recruiting professional teachers in schools are necessary.

Appreciating previous efforts of the Chief Executive, residents of Faryab said less attention has been paid to education of the province during the past years. According to them, very few qualified people have been employed in education department of the province.

Residents of Faryab asked the Chief Executive to take practical steps for strengthening education, attracting qualified teachers and creating suitable environment for students.

After evaluation of the raised problems, Dr. Abdullah said future of the society and country depends on education in order for the fate of the next generations, especially the youth to be guaranteed.

The Chief Executive promised that he would strive to help hire educated youth in Faryab Education Department and to realize this, would observe principle of transparency and meritocracy.

He stressed that according to available resources and needs of the people, necessary changes will be taken place in education system of the province during the next year.