The Chief Executive: Work of Asphalting Nuristan Highway is on the agenda of the New Year (Mar 18, 2017)

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with a number of elders, influential and youth of Nuristan province and discussed on challenges of security, education, health and connecting roads of the province.

The Chief Executive said that the National Unity Government would take practical steps in strengthening education, asphalting Nuristan highway and development projects in the province.

Nuristan elders said residents of the province faced with serious problems due to lack of health clinics, closed schools and connecting road’s damages. They urged the Chief Executive to help put these issues at the top priorities of the province’s programs.

After listening to problems and needs of Nuristan people, Dr. Abdullah said he would instruct the government’s relevant institutions to put solution of Nuristan problems at the core of their agenda.

The Chief Executive stated that the budget for Nuristan road asphalting has been approved and its practical work will begin in the next year. He also promised that he would direct the relevant government agencies to pay special attention to reactivating schools, awarding scholarships as well as enhancing health services.

In another time, a number of the young and educated people of Nuristan had met with the Chief Executive and praised him for his efforts in reconstruction of roads and other fields.

They said, following decision of the Council of Ministers, the issue of asphalting Nuristan highway was included in budget of the new fiscal year and its work will begin in the next year.