The Executive Meeting of Council of Ministers was held on Food Safety at Sapedar Palace


Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah chaired the Food Safety Executive Meeting of the Council of Ministers at Sapedar Palace.

The Chief of the Council of Ministers in a detailed report said that food safety committees have been set up in 25 provinces and will cover all provinces in the near future.

He added that more than 30 meetings on food safety and security coordination and awareness have been held in different parts of the country so far, and these programs will continue in greater coherence.

He mentioned that the United Nations Office has pledged to cooperate with the Afghan government by the end of 2020 in advancing food safety programs.

The meeting also discussed the ‘Gallup report’ on food security and poverty in the country. A representative of the Ministry of Agriculture called the report incomplete and added that it had failed to comply with the Afghan public and private agencies.

However, according to the latest survey, the average malnutrition rate has dropped by 6% and severe malnutrition by 5% in the country, according to a recent survey.

The representative of the Ministry of Economy presented a comprehensive report on the issue of supplementary nutrition for children by giving a detailed report from the Afghan delegation at the Sark Conference.

Chief Executive Abdullah announced the formation of the Food Security and Control Bureau, saying that the relevant agencies should work on the context of an implementation plan as soon as possible.

The chief executive appreciated the contribution of donor agencies in the country, saying he hoped the government would finance the food safety and security program after 2020.

The chief executive directed the ‘Gallup Report’ to the relevant departments to study and work on its findings to advance the plans.