Chief of Staff

Abdul Qahar Abed

Chief of Staff, To the Office of the Chief Executive, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan



Bachelor in Law and Political Science

University of Kabul-  Afghanistan             

Masters  in International Relations

Azaad University, Kabul- Afghanistan    


Work Experience

Employee at  Export Development Bank 1991
Employee of Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1993
General Councilor of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Karachi- Pakistan 2001
Chief of Staff, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Islamic Republic of Afghanistan 2002
Director of Cultural Affairs,  MfA,  Islamic Republic of Afghanistan 2010
Chief of Staff,  Office of Chief Executive,  Islamic Republic of Afghanistan 2014


Brief Job Description of Chief of Staff

 The  Office Chief of Staff, Office of Chief Executive, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is a key and important Directorate and its tasks are as follows:

Daily events and programs arrangements for His Excellency the Chief Executive

Establishing Relations  with Government and Non Governmental  and International Partners

Meeting arrangements

Coordination with different Ministries on work  and action plans

Meeting follow ups and reporting back to The Chief Executive

Administrative and Coordination Meetings

Management of programs as Instructed by The Chief Executive